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We have recently left Venezuela where we lived and worked last, to come to Saba and live in Pete's Cottage ourselves. 

We are in the process of buying land to build our second house on the Island and will move into there as soon as it is liveable.

Until that time Pete's Cottage is not available.

Follow us on Facebook / check this page to find out when we are open for rental again. 

About Us

We are Debbie and Terri. We met on Saba in 2003. Terri was a scuba diving instructor on the Island and Debbie came for a holiday (Terri was NOT her instructor!) It was Caribbean carnival where we met and we ended up dancing all night. It was love at first sight with each other AND with Saba, and we married on the same day we met in 2007. In 2015 we bought our little cottage on the Island, Pete's Cottage, something we dreamed about doing for years. 

We both love traveling to new places we haven't experienced before and prefer to be in the midst of that new experience. We do like our bed and environment to be clean and bug free. We will look for that in places where we stay and make sure that that is the same for Pete's Cottage. 
Sometimes we like luxury and sometimes we are happy with very basic accommodation. 
We do not believe that people are restricted by the country that they live in but everybody is a citizen of the world which we all share. 

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