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Things To Do

Saba is a gorgeous small volcano that sticks out of the Caribbean Sea. It is a windy and sunny place where music is heard on the streets and people can't pass by without greeting each other. There are around 2000 people living on Saba and you will soon get to know the locals.

Saba has one road, no long white beaches, no noisy attractions and no big hotels. It does not have a deep enough harbour to welcome the cruise ships and consequently Saba primarily attracts nature lovers. It is a wonderful place where the pace is slow and you forget your troubles. Not that you will get bored, as there are plenty of things to do. 

Scuba diving of course is one of the big ones. If you are not certified yet this is the time to do it. We recommend

Sea Saba Advanced Dive Centre. Check out our dive package here

The diving is absolutely spectacular, and as it is a Marine Park, the underwater world is pristine. Even snorkeling in the shallows is just awesome. Don't forget to go to the free Monday evening presentation to learn fascinating information about Saba's history and Marine Park. 

You certainly won't go hungry on Saba.  There are numerous restaurants all over the island, all with their own unique flair and specialties.  Grocery stores are very close by, and Pete's Cottage is well equipped so that you can whip up your own special dishes at home as well.

There are numerous gorgeous hikes all over the Island, which will open up the most dramatic scenery. There are plenty of opportunities for birdwatchers to spot some amazing birds on Saba. Listen if you can hear the tiny little Saban Frogs in the forest or spot an endemic Saban Anole or Iguana Iguana. Definitly hike up to the top of Mount Scenery and Elfin Forest (don't forget a walking stick) Check out the trailshop in Windwardside for maps or a free stick to borrow.  You do not need a guide but if you would like to learn even more, ask for James Johnson a.k.a. "Crocodile James". You can visit Jo Bean in her glass studio and try your hands at making some glass jewelry.  Or you can go for a swim and a snorkel in the man-made beach area at Cove Bay. But first have a dip in one of the tidepools and watch the ocean crush against the Lava Sculptures. If you are lucky enough to visit Saba in October check out Sea & Learn a whole month of interesting nature discussions about life above and below sea level. These experiences are led by experts from all over the world. Throughout the entire month, nature experts from around the globe are on Saba for events and sharing their expertise. And if you are coming in July or beginning of August you are lucky enough to enjoy the Caribbean Carnival. 

For dates of next year's Caribbean Carnival or any other information please do check out the Saba Tourist Bureau. 


Enjoy being here and we are sure you will fall in love with this magical place.


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